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Make %25 Commission

Let's get Started!

Recurring Commissions are payouts that are made to affiliates every month. iTrafficGuru LLC sales affiliate earn recurring monthly commissions on all paying customers. Sales agent is responsible to take care of their clients.
The recurring commission is paid for the lifetime of the customer. If the customer leaves iTrafficGuru LLC, the commission would no longer be paid.

Packages are from $99 to $799+

What is your duties?

Who needs iTrafficGuru services? Restaurant owners, local businesses which lack walk-in customers or clients. iTrafficGuru provides that service to your local businesses. More customers = Grow business.

Must be willing to speak to local business owners, friends. No called calling required.

All payments are made via Wire Transfer (ACH) or Payroll Check.

New signup clients for all packages will be paid 1 time of %25 commission bonus.
iTrafficGuru LLC pays %10 recurring commission to all independent 1099 Sales representatives after 30 days of service and renewal process.
- This is virtual environment work from home opportunity.

All training and sales material will be provided upon application approval.

Resume must be up-to-date to qualify. Experience and connections must be legit.

We do not provide Leads or referrals.

Requirements to Qualify

- Must have sales experience.

- Must be Lawful Permanent Resident with no work restrictions or US Citizen.

- Must be 18+ of age.
- Must provide Full name, Drivers License/ID, Legal Resident proof if Green Card Holder.

- Please DO NOT provide personal information such as Social Security Number.
- Must have a working laptop/desktop with latest ie/firefox/chrome updates. PC/MAC.- Must be computer literate and have active Social Media account such as Facebook etc to verify identity.
- Must have an active cell phone service for updates/announcements. Data Charges may apply.
- Does not have to be residing in the state of Pennsylvania.

- Responsible for their own clients/affiliates.

- No minimum sales or quota requirements.

- iTrafficGuru LLC is not responsible for any IRS taxes, expenses, investments, medical. It is individuals responsibility to file taxes each year accordingly.

This is virtual sales job, all earnings must be reported to IRS.

* International sales associates can only qualify for payments via bitcoin. International sales associates cannot reside in the US or have clients from US to benefit from bitcoin payments.

* Training is available upon approval. We will provide all the services materials with detailed information.

Example of earnings:

Monthly Income from 20 Platinum Package

1 Time signup = %25 $199.75

Recurring Payment = %10 per month $79.00

20 Clients = $1580.00 / Month for 20 active platinum.

This is NOT primary source of income. Earnings are not guaranteed, each individual have different level of marketing sales experience. Please do not apply if you have no connections or experience.

Job Type: Commission

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